Action Learning

Group works to solve problems

Action Learning is an approach that is used for people development, solving complicated problems and managing changes. Action Learning is very practical as it is focusing on solving actual problems which are keeping us back from moving towards our goals. Action Learning has been considered as one of the most efficient human development methods, which is used by different successful organizations all over the world.

How does it work?

A small group of people (5-8) meet regularly on purpose to learn and solve actual problems. In the process of Action Learning, people learn through questions and self-reflection, as well as learning from the others’ knowledge, actions and experience. As a result, they propose for themselves the next steps towards their learning goals or the solution of the problem. The process is led by facilitator Liis Tamman or Velli Racioppi.


Below is an article about adult learning, explaining what exactly is Action Learning (in Estonian): Rasmus Pedanik / Kuidas aidata täiskasvanud inimestel õppida

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