Passionate team

Liis Tamman

CEO, Coach and Facilitator, who deeply believes in non-formal learning

Liis has more than 10 years of experience working in the field of education and youth work. She has gained profound understanding and valuable experience working in different organisations – grass-root, local, national and international level. She has a Master degree in Human Resource Management and Development, and has improved her skills in coaching in Hungary and the Netherlands. Working with people is her lifelong passion. She believes that a change (you can also call it a magic) happens after one takes responsibility over its life and gives up its victim role. Also, she is convinced that we always have something to learn from each other and that practice is the mother of learning. Find out more about her background here


Eimantas Didzbalis

Vocal Coach

Eimantas is a vocal coach, who sees the importance of bringing awareness on how the voice works in order to make a positive change. He studied Bel Canto singing for 12 years and has worked with the artists and speakers since 2009. Combining various coaching tools and Bel Canto approach, he gets the best out of the performance. He supports the beginner performers who are struggling to perform in public and delivering a message in front of the large audience. Therefore, the main focus is on people who desire to gain vocal courage, to be able to speak with clarity, and to speak on stage to impact people.


Liina Helme

Nature Programs Manager

Liina is a lifelong learner and a self-development lover. She has travelled the world, lived in 6 different countries and learnt about people from people. One of her most life-shaping experiences was living in the deep forest of Portugal being a part of a spiritual community. It is there that she first saw herself as more than simply what mind can grasp. She has been a facilitator and a co-trainer for outdoor training, coaching training and training for trainers in the Netherlands. She says: “I’m here to create healing through connection and becoming aware of our bodies and being. I will take you on a journey to start seeing and feeling the beauty and wisdom that you already have in you and with you in each moment. My wish is that together we can learn to have more and more moments where we truly enjoy being. For this, I will use meditation, movement, directed focus and curious inquiry.”

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