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Individual coaching

We offer individual support to work on challenges, dilemmas and problems which will help to set aims and implement it. 

Group coaching

By learning from each other and together, challenges will be defined, priorities will be set and actions implemented to gain expected results. Regular meetings are important in process for reporting back to the group what has been done in between meetings to reach final goal.

Team coaching

In team coaching will be created safe environment based on trust to work on common and individual dilemmas which keep us back from reaching job related goals. We will define expected outcome, create a plan and support system to reach it.

Training courses

We offer training courses and web seminars based on client needs and expectations on topics such as team building, growth mindset, asking meaningful questions, goal setting, reflection etc. 

Let's put words into action!

Involve us in

Process Implementation

The coach will help the team and employees separately succeed in developing and implementing the new processes.

Decision Making

The team who is facing challenges or has carried by comfort zone will find the best solutions through new perspective and clarity.

Employee Onboarding

New employees will be supported while joining the team, getting aware of organizational culture, and understanding their tasks and role. 

Conflict Resoultion

The mediator helps to analyze what happened individually and together aiming to find the solution to the conflict and the next steps to take. 

Change Management

Trust building or re-creating trust to carry out changes, map the current situation, and steps to take for reaching a goal.

Building Trust Inside Your Team

The team is studying together and from each other challenges and dilemmas, to become conscious of which kind of support is needed, by practicing noticing and the art of asking moving questions, common ground for action will be created.


Our values are curiosity and growth mindset, humor and courage to learn from challenges, creativity, and entrepreneurship. Words need to become actions, that change could take place. 


To give each fully grown individual tools to develop new skills and to use them in their everyday life for problem-solving.

Client feedback

Instead of offering the right answers, we were thought to ask questions. Allows to see your work from a new perspective and offers concrete steps to move ahead.​
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Piret Konsap
Manager, Pirita Vaba Aja Keskus
Our experience with the SigniCha training course was refreshing! We appreciate Liis'is practical and certain, at the same time warm and supportive guidance through the whole process. One of the keywords is for sure creating trust in a team. We will recommend the training for all the organizations where work people!
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Eva Ürpus
Manager, Tartu Koidu Keskus
Best coaching I have ever had! Liis guided me to ask the right questions and to find the answers I sought. Highly recommend!
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Annika Vaksmaa
Marine microbiologist
Liis is a really pleasant coach to work with. She can totally take a one-sided non-stop complaining while still staying friendly with You. But do not be fooled: she will understand if You want to succumb into Your comfort zone by not being honest with Yourself. She will drill with You direct uncomfortable questions and provide many home assignments to help You fix the things that are bothering You professionally and help You become a better person.
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Tarvo Metspalu
Product Development Engineer

Accreditation & certifications

SigniCha coaches and trainers are accredited and professional!




Liis Tamman

Coach and Trainer

I am an accredited EMCC coach and trainer, I have worked 13 years with people, have a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management and Development, and studied coaching in Hungary, Netherlands and Croatia. I am using my work systemic, creative, and solution-focused coaching. I believe each person is capable to set and implement meaningful priorities!


Caroline Männik


I am an andragogue by profession and an adult educator. I have been active in the field of education and youth work for many years. In addition, I have gain knowladge as a trainer in Hungary. In my activities, I am driven by faith in each person’s potential to fulfill themselves in the best possible way. Just as a seed needs fertile soil to germinate, humans also need a supportive environment to discover and realize their potential. My mission is to create an environment conducive to development, where co-operation, solution-oriented thinking and creativity in group synergy are valued.


Kaja Kruus

Creativity Coach and Trainer

My field of research and passion is creativity. How does creativity activates and what is needed for that? And how can creativity be applied in everyday life and work? It’s not just about creating something, it’s about having the courage to experiment, see possibilities, make new connections and solve problems. I have been working as a UI/UX and service designer for almost 10 years, the last 5 years I have been helping teams through trainings and workshops. I am happy to help people, teams and organizations look at problems and questions from a new angle. I use techniques from creative therapy, design thinking and service design in my work.

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Velli Racioppi


Specialised on reflection practices and problem-solving techniques with several years of national and international experience. She has been devoted to education and youthwork since 2009, motivating young people to broaden their horizons and take responsibility over their life. During her studies for the master’s degree in adult education, she understood the deep interconnection between reflection and learning.  She is confident that every single situation is a chance for improvement and preparation towards the future challenges of life.